Emmerdale (1972)

The lives of several families in the Yorkshire Dales revolve around a farm and the nearby village. With murders, affairs, lies, deceit, laughter and tears, it's all there in the village.

  • Kevin Laffan

Release Date: 1972-10-16
Seasons: 1 2 3 23 24 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 32 33 34 35 36 37 38 39 40 41 42 43 44 45 46 47 48 49 50
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  • Country: GB
  • Language: En
  • Runtime: 30
Season 34 Episode List
  • 2 January 2005

    Episode 1 - 2 January 2005

    Release Date: 2005-01-02

  • Sunday 9th January 2005

    Episode 7 - Sunday 9th January 2005

    Release Date: 2005-01-09

    Alan Turner appears in TV.

  • Sunday 13th February 2005

    Episode 37 - Sunday 13th February 2005

    Release Date: 2005-02-13

    Charity prepares a Valentine's surpise for Jimmy, Debbie's jeans are tight, her baby swell is getting bigger and Terry & Louise return from their holiday.

  • Monday 14 February 2005

    Episode 38 - Monday 14 February 2005

    Release Date: 2005-02-14

    As Jimmy pours his heart out to Charity, she reveals she's set him up. Terry and Louise share business and pleasure! and Laurel and Ashley set the date for their wedding. Rodney is angry because Nicola starts her business from their home, and its Marlon & Tricia's wedding anniversary and Steph, Alan & the Bar Staff are the only to remember.

  • 15/02/05

    Episode 39 - 15/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-15

    Laurel excitedly tells her friends about the wedding but is later downhearted when Ethan reveals that he suspects the Bishop will disapprove of Ashley marring for a second time. Ashley tries to convince Laurel that everything will be fine, but will the Bishop put a stop to the happy couple's plans? Meanwhile, Jimmy is raging with anger at being blackmailed and he takes out his aggression by trashing Charity's room at the B&B in search of the video tape. Jimmy thinks he has won after smashing up all of her tapes and the camcorder, but a smug Charity is quick to tell him that she has a backup copy and that she has decided to up her price to £200,000. Elsewhere, Pollard values a widow's antiques and is delighted to discover that he is likely to make a huge profit. The dodgy dealer is thrilled that things are finally looking up.

  • 16/02/05

    Episode 40 - 16/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-16

    Jimmy pays his first installment of blackmail money to Charity, Meanwhile, Sadie King returns from France, adding to Jimmy's woes. Diane teases Val by telling her she has a rival for Eric's affection, while the bishop makes it clear he takes a dim view of Ashley's plans to remary.

  • 17/02/05

    Episode 41 - 17/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-17

    Laurel & Ashley get the bad news they've been dreading, they can't get married. Val & Eric anticipate making a financial killing, while Cain learns Charity is planning to leave the village and take Debbie with her.

  • 18/02/05

    Episode 42 - 18/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-18

    Ashley visits the bishop and resigns from the Church, while Sadie discovers Jimmy has withdrawn all their savings from the bank, elsewhere, Eric tries to console Lisa, who is upset that Zak hasn't bought her a birthday gift

  • 20/02/05

    Episode 43 - 20/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-20

    Paddy looks on with jealousy at Marlon and Donna canoodling. After one too many drinks, he shocks Marlon by confessing that he and Emily are experiencing problems in the bedroom. Elsewhere, Viv tries to reunite her family and with the best of intentions she invites everyone over for lunch. When she fails to round up the troops, Viv is left feeling utterly depressed and she complains to an uncomfortable Emily about her own non-existent sex life. Meanwhile, Ashley remains adamant that he stands by his resignation from the church, but when a parishioner rings saying that his dying mother is asking to see him, the ex-vicar goes to visit her without a second thought. Is Ashley really ready to put the church behind him?

  • 21/02/05

    Episode 44 - 21/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-21

    Marlon suggests that Paddy tries to spice things up with Emily by cooking a romantic meal. Unfortunately for Paddy things don't go to plan when a careless word from Dawn leads Emily to fear that her husband is having an affair. Will Paddy be able to reassure Emily that he only has eyes for her? Meanwhile, a drunk and depressed Viv rings her nearest and dearest insisting that they come round to see how unhappy she is. Despite Viv's best efforts to be miserable, her guests can't help but be amused and they have a really enjoyable evening! Elsewhere, Laurel is shocked when she receives a visit from the Bishop. Will she be able to convince him to reconsider his decision?

  • 22/02/2005

    Episode 45 - 22/02/2005

    Release Date: 2005-02-22

    Ashley wrestles with his conscience having turned his back on the church and after a long chat with Zoe he decides to retract his resignation. How will Laurel react when she discovers that he has put their wedding in jeopardy? Meanwhile, Charity desperately tries to convince Debbie that she was set up by Cain and Sadie and begs her to leave the village with her. Cain sees Charity preaching to their daughter and in a fury he manhandles his ex-lover out of the door. Later that evening, Charity goes to the Woolpack and tells the Dingles of her plans to move away. Sadie overhears and is clearly delighted, but Jimmy is left panicking about what may be in store for him. Elsewhere, Paddy and Emily try to resolve their sexual problems by talking about their feelings. However, as they embrace, Emily's uncomfortable expression suggests that they still have a long way to go.

  • 23/02/05

    Episode 46 - 23/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-23

    Ashley is nervous as he breaks the news of his decision to Laurel and informs her that in order to convince the Bishop of their love for one another they will have to end the physical side of their relationship. Laurel assures the vicar that she is willing to wait forever if she has to, but later on she breaks down in tears as she removes her engagement ring. Meanwhile, Charity is desperate to make Debbie believe that she has been set up and tells Chas that she is considering showing her the videotape of her and Jimmy. Chas strongly advises her against this, but how far will Charity go to prove her innocence? Elsewhere, Jimmy worries that his days are numbered and he panics knowing that he doesn't have the money that Charity is demanding. Out of desperation he slips Sadie's jewellery into his pocket. How long will it be before she notices that it has gone missing?

  • 24/02/2005

    Episode 47 - 24/02/2005

    Release Date: 2005-02-24

    In a desperate bid to convince Debbie of her innocence, Charity forces her daughter to sit through the incriminating videotape. Debbie is outraged by her mother's behaviour and calls her a tramp before storming out. Over in the café, Laurel tells Nicola that her engagement to Ashley is off but is adamant that she understands Ashley's dilemma and is prepared to wait for him. Is Laurel really as carefree as she is suggesting? Elsewhere, Len tries to persuade Edna to attend the tea dance but when she refuses, Pearl, Jarvis and Len get their thinking caps on and try and come up with a plan to convince her to go along.

  • 25/02/05

    Episode 48 - 25/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-25

    Debbie is upset following the revelations the previous day and she listens attentively as Ethan tries to help her understand the reason behind her mother's behaviour. Later that day, Debbie receives an apology from Charity and she begins to realise that maybe Cain has let her down. Charity is hopeful when Debbie hints that she would like a fresh start. But is Debbie ready to leave her life in the village behind? Elsewhere, Jimmy is anxious to ensure that Sadie never sees the videotape and as Charity puts the pressure on him he resorts to stealing money from King & Son's office. Meanwhile, Steph makes a conscious effort to build bridges with Turner and Shelly. However, Shelly is not ready to forgive and forget and she slams to door in her rival's face. Also, The Village Dance takes place in the Community Hall.

  • 28/02/05

    Episode 49 - 28/02/05

    Release Date: 2005-02-28

    Debbie struggles to decide whether or not to leave with Charity and she seeks advice from Andy. They are interrupted by Cain and his furious reaction convinces Debbie it's time to move on. But will she regret her decision? Jimmy is forced to borrow £10,000 from his brother Matthew and in return Charity hands over the video tape. Later Jimmy hugs Sadie, relieved his ordeal is over. Charity admits to Marlon that she still loves Tom but accepts their relationship is over. She later shares a warm moment with Zoe as they talk about Chris Tate and Charity promises to take care of Noah.

  • Goodbye Charity! [Double Episode]

    Episode 50 - Goodbye Charity! [Double Episode]

    Release Date: 2005-03-01

    Charity leaves Emmerdale for good. Jimmy's 40th birthday party becomes an unforgettable evening when Charity bursts in and blurts out that she and the birthday boy have been having an affair. When the Kings refuse to believe her allegations, she whips out the evidence and plays the incriminating videotape.Tom is stunned as the tape confirms that Sadie set Charity up to stop the wedding and a distraught Sadie launches herself at Charity. The Dingle retaliates by flooring her arch rival before heading for the door.Charity goes to collect Debbie but as Cain tells his daughter that he can't bear the thought of losing her, Debbie turns to Charity and announces that she is staying with her father. With Noah beside her, an emotional Charity drives off into the night.Back at Holdgate Farm, Chloe continues to watch the tape and is shocked to hear the truth about Paul Marsden's death. Matthew threatens her to forget what she has seen, but will she remain tight lipped?

  • 02/03/05

    Episode 51 - 02/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-02

    Jimmy returns to Home Farm to collect some of his things and ends up rowing with Sadie over who is in the wrong. Meanwhile, Tom tells Max that losing Charity was the biggest regret of his life. He later calls a family meeting and, refusing to accept Sadie's grovelling apology, he sacks both her and Jimmy. Elsewhere, Debbie relays the story to Zak of how her mum had slept with Jimmy to get back at Sadie for what she and Cain had done. Cain pleads for Debbie's forgiveness, promising that he will try and be a proper father to her. Later that day, Chloe quizzes Carl on what he knows about Paul Marsden's death, but an irate Carl insists he has nothing to say and suggests that she keep quiet too.

  • 03/03/05

    Episode 52 - 03/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-03

    Sadie spends her day desperately trying to make amends with the King Family. She points out to Jimmy what he is giving up but Jimmy is clearly not interested. She gets nowhere with Tom either so seeks sympathy from Zoe who tells her the photos were a low trick, but understands as she was once in a similar position. Elsewhere, Steph tries her best to speak to her dad and Shelly but to no avail. Turner admits to Shelly that he is starting to feel sorry for Steph but Shelly is determined to keep Steph out of their lives. Meanwhile, Paddy realises that after experiencing recent relationship problems with Emily, he needs to accept what they have together and make the most of it.

  • 04/03/05

    Episode 53 - 04/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-04

    When Viv hears that Bob has a date, she is distraught and, seeking comfort, rings Emily. Emily is out but Paddy takes the call and goes round to console Viv. After two bottles of wine Viv becomes flirtatious and Paddy is torn between horror and lust as their eyes lock. However, when Viv misreads the signs and puts her hand on his knee, Paddy makes his excuses and leaves. Meanwhile, Sadie wonders how she can win Jimmy back and arrives at the Woolpack all glammed up. Jimmy ignores her and she feels humiliated as all eyes are on her. Sadie refuses a drink from Robert and leaves. Elsewhere, Pollard is appalled by a newspaper headline regarding the local library and devises a money-making plan with Val as a result

  • 06/03/05

    Episode 54 - 06/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-06

    Paddy confides in Marlon about what happened with Viv and confesses that although he turned her down he was tempted. Marlon can't help feeling amused but warns Paddy not to take it any further. Later that day, Emily thinks Viv needs cheering up and invites her round for supper. An awkward Viv and Paddy agree to forget about the previous night, but both are thinking of nothing else. Over in the Woolpack, Steph announces that she is sorry and Turner can't help but feel a slight twang of sympathy. Shelly is furious when she walks in and sees Turner with Steph. Diane, noting her anger, suggests that Steph leaves. Elsewhere Pollard and Val's money-making plan continues. The evening paper prints a positive piece about Pollard, and Val insists that Pollard agree to a 35% share of the profits.

  • 07/03/05

    Episode 55 - 07/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-07

    Emily asks Paddy to help Viv set up some tables in the café but he can't face it and persuades Marlon to do it instead. Emily questions Paddy about his behaviour towards Viv but he assures her that nothing is wrong. Nicola is desperate to expand her business and when Pollard employs her to clean the factory she offers Shelly a part time job. Delighted that things are going so well, Nicola talks to Simon and tells him she wants to set a date for their wedding. Is Simon ready to walk down the aisle? Over in the Woolpack, Sadie is upset when Jimmy refuses to speak to her, making it clear that their marriage is over. Sadie tells Zoe that she refuses to leave the Kings behind and is prepared to play the waiting game. But will Jimmy be willing to forgive and forget?

  • 08/03/05

    Episode 56 - 08/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-08

    Emily is convinced that Paddy and Viv have fallen out and are avoiding each other, so she tricks them into coming face to face. As Emily forces them to shake hands, the physical contact stirs feelings in both of them. Will Emily pick up on their electric vibes? Elsewhere, when Val fails to sell any paintings, Pollard pretends they have gone up in flames in order to claim on the insurance. Will the devious duo get away get away with fraud? Meanwhile, Shelly struggles to take orders from a bossy Nicola and reconsiders working with her.

  • 09/03/05

    Episode 57 - 09/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-09

    Val charms antique owners in an attempt to get offers for the paintings. Meanwhile, Pollard is having trouble trying to get insurance cover for the pictures and is mortified to find out that Val has told the dealers he is her gofer. Elsewhere, Steph tries to win Shelly's forgiveness by offering her beauty therapy equipment, but she is clearly not ready to forget. Shelly is furious when she arrives home to find Turner with the equipment, and in a rage she insists that she has decided to leave the village. Nicola is bitter having failed to set a wedding date with Simon and she takes out her fury on the cleaning team. How will Nicola react when the usually quiet Laurel gives her a piece of her mind?

  • 10/03/05

    Episode 58 - 10/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-10

    Turner takes Shelly to the Woolpack for dinner but she is furious to discover that it came courtesy of Steph. Will this be the final straw for Shelly? Val helps Pollard organise an exhibition and proactively suggests that they need more publicity. Pollard disagrees, warning her that their venture isn't strictly above board, but Val places an advertisement regardless. Ashley becomes so preoccupied trying to set up a drama society that he unwittingly ignores Laurel. He later admits to Zoe that he is desperately trying to make himself indispensable in the hope that the bishop won't send him to another parish

  • 11/03/05

    Episode 59 - 11/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-11

    Shelly admits to Turner that she wants to go to Spain, but he tells her he can't leave Steph alone. Shelly remains adamant that she's going regardless, telling him that he must choose between her and his daughter. Andy promises Libby that he will look after her horse but panics when he notices a rusty nail embedded in its hoof. Andy calls for a vet but when Max turns up the rivalry between them is instantly apparent. Pollard is mad when Val gets top billing in the newspaper and panics when Glynis questions his relationship with Val. Pollard is all too aware of what a loose cannon Val can be and worries about what she might say.

  • 14/03/05

    Episode 60 - 14/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-14

    Pollard is terrified as Glynis turns up at the gallery opening with a photographer from the local paper. He desperately tries to prevent her from finding out where the paintings came from until Rodney takes pleasure in divulging the information. How will Glynis react when she learns the truth about Pollard's underhand antics? Steph is reduced to tears as Turner reluctantly asks her to leave him and Shelly alone. She pleads that she is only trying to make amends but agrees to leave the village if that is what he really wants. Elsewhere, Tom is livid when he finds out that Jimmy has outbid the Kings for a contract. Tom angrily confronts his son but Jimmy insists that business is business.

  • 15/03/05

    Episode 61 - 15/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-15

    Shelly faces her demons as she cleans the B&B, but revisiting the cellar brings back dark memories of the suffering that Steph previously forced her to endure. Shelly is later horrified when she returns home to find that Turner has invited Steph round for dinner and during the meal she cracks, forcing Turner to choose between them. When he hesitates, Shelly declares that she is leaving the village the following morning, but will Turner go with her? Elsewhere, Libby is amused when she walks in on an embarrassed Andy ironing in just a towel. She later asks him to join her for a drink, but when Andy explains he has got to get home, Libby assumes that he isn't interested.

  • 16/03/05

    Episode 62 - 16/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-16

    Shelly says her farewells before leaving the village, telling a tearful Turner that all he has to do is call if he decides he'd like to join her. Steph later visits Turner and is overwhelmed when he admits he couldn't leave her behind. She vows to go after Shelly herself to convince her to come back, claiming that if she's successful she will not be returning herself. As Steph leaves she says an emotional goodbye to her dad, explaining that this may be the last time they see each other. Meanwhile, Pollard tells Val the exhibition has turned into a disaster since Glynis unlawfully revealed that he's giving the profits away. Val points out that they are still able to deduct expenses and is confident that with some clever accountancy they'll come out on top. Elsewhere, Andy asks Libby about her boyfriend and is shocked when she tells him that they split up ages ago. Will this spur Andy to fight for Libby's affections?

  • 17/03/05 [4000th Episode]

    Episode 63 - 17/03/05 [4000th Episode]

    Release Date: 2005-03-17

    4000th Episode - One-hour special Steph goes to Arran in search of Shelly, while Turner desperately waits for news on whether it will be his daughter or girlfriend who will be returning. Later in Arran, Steph follows Shelly onto a ferry and they come face to face on the top deck. Shelly is petrified when she sees Steph, but is determined that for once she must stand up to her bully. There is a scuffle between Steph and Shelly and Steph demands that Shelly come back to Emmerdale, Steph takes hold of Shelly's coat, but accidentally pushes her over the edge and falls overboard into the ice-cold sea below, pulled beneath the waves and out of sight. Then Steph throws Shelly's luggage into the sea, and walks off to the bathroom. Meanwhile, Chas and Carl have a heart to heart, but are interrupted when Chloe returns home. Chas is forced to hide behind the sofa and is close to tears as she listens to Chloe declare her love for Carl before they head upstairs together. Over in the Woolpack, Louis

  • 18/03/05

    Episode 64 - 18/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-18

    Louise and Terry prepare to look at another B&B until Terry finds out that Dawn needs him to look after TJ . Matthew offers to accompany Louise instead and she gratefully agrees. As they look around, Matthew turns on the charm but is careful not to give too much away. Matthew suggests they stay for lunch and over a few glasses of wine he proposes a toast to their new venture. Will Louise notice the glint in his eye? Elsewhere, Chloe quizzes Carl having found out that Chas called round the previous evening. Despite his explanation she storms up to Chas in front of Denzel and threatens her to stay away from her boyfriend. Denzel supportively makes it clear that he trusts Chas, and Chloe leaves in disgust.

  • 20/03/05

    Episode 65 - 20/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-20

    Matthew offers Louise and Terry a hand going through the B&B books and Louise later thanks him with a free pint in the Woolpack. Matthew suggestively tells Louise that he could help her with more than just the accounts but picking up on his proposition she firmly insists him that she is attached. Matthew bluffs that she's got the wrong end of the stick but Louise is clearly ill at ease. Over at the vicarage, Laurel and Ashley cosy up on the sofa until they are interrupted by Ethan. Uncomfortable in his presence, Laurel leaves and she later glumly tells Nicola that things aren't going well between her the vicar. Could their relationship be drawing to a close thanks to the bishop's disapproval?

  • 21/03/05

    Episode 66 - 21/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-21

    Louise and Terry decide to go through with the mortgage on the B&B but Louise is surprised when Matthew sends Carl in his place with the documentation. Later that day Louise goes to visit Matthew and hands over the signed forms. She apologises for the previous day but Matthew insists that she got the wrong idea, not him. She offers to buy him a drink, but Matthew refuses and shuts the door on a disappointed Louise. Meanwhile, Colleen joins Chloe and Carl for dinner and Chloe lays on the charm offensive. The subject of the poison pen letters comes up and Chloe insists that she never believed that Colleen sent them. Carl is left thoughtful, hoping to get to the bottom of the letters. Elsewhere, Laurel admits to Ashley that she's finding the distance between them difficult and he confesses that he is finding it equally as hard.

  • 22/03/05

    Episode 67 - 22/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-22

    Carl continues to think about the pen letters and he asks Chas if she still has them. She digs them out and Chloe is later horrified when she comes home to find Carl studying them. Carl tells Chloe that he doesn't understand why the letters suddenly stopped and Chloe covers her tracks by saying that she received another one but kept it to herself. She later quickly pens the letter and produces it to a flummoxed Carl. Meanwhile, Dawn is excited at the prospect of taking a job at an estate agency, but she is later downhearted when she works out that after childminding and travel costs it will not be worth her while. Over in the Woolpack, Matthew flirts with a lady client purely for Louise's benefit. At an opportune moment, Louise apologises for the previous day and says she feels like an idiot. Matthew relishes in the fact that he has regained the upper hand.

  • 23/03/05

    Episode 68 - 23/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-23

    Carl has a private chat with Colleen about the letters and he asks her to write the word ‘waste'. She is disgruntled by her ex-husband's accusations but writes the word regardless. Carl later cleverly asks Chloe to write a letter for Tom and as he dictates he includes the same word. Chloe incorrectly spells the word ‘waist' and Carl is horrified as the mistake matches an error on the letter. How will Carl react to the discovery that Chloe was responsible for destroying his relationship with Chas? Meanwhile, when Viv takes her new pet rabbit to the vets, Paddy is clearly nervous in her presence.

  • 24/03/05

    Episode 69 - 24/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-24

    Carl confronts Chloe about the letter and despite her desperate attempts she is unable to convince him that she is innocent. Carl tells her that he wants her out of the house and Jimmy turns up to reinforce his decision. Over in the post office, Dawn sees Ashley who tells her that he's struggling to find a baby-sitter for Gabby. Dawn offers her services and is delighted to have found a solution to her cash crisis. Meanwhile, Viv finds another excuse to take Buffy the rabbit to the vets and Paddy can't help but be pleased to see her. As he reaches for the pet, Paddy's hand strokes Viv's. They both feel the chemistry; will they give into temptation?

  • Goodbye Chloe!

    Episode 70 - Goodbye Chloe!

    Release Date: 2005-03-25

    Chloe leaves Emmerdale for good. Carl tells Chas that Chloe is responsible for the pen letters and she goes round to confront her. As Chas has it out with Chloe she spots several pregnancy test kits and guesses that Chloe has been lying about being an expectant mother. She forces her to do a test but Chloe does a runner. A crowd congregates as Chas catches up with Chloe and demands that she admit that she isn't really pregnant. Chas and Chloe come to blows and Chas proceeds to dunk Chloe's head in a horse's trough, threatening to drown her until she is admits the truth. Carl is dumbstruck as he learns that he has been taken for a fool and Chloe is forced to leave the village in disgrace.

  • 27/03/05

    Episode 71 - 27/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-27

    Sparks fly between Viv and Paddy during Sunday lunch laid on by Emily. However, after some tantalising games of footsie under the table, desire turns to anger as both Viv and Paddy try to deny their true feelings and end up arguing over the washing up! Meanwhile, the Kings try to help Carl come to terms with Chloe's treachery but his mind is clearly elsewhere. Later, in the Woolpack, Carl tells Denzel not to mess it up with Chas, but is he secretly hoping that he and Chas will get back together? Elsewhere, Debbie uses the money that Charity gave her to bail out the Dingles. After paying Pollard for the damage to his car, a grateful Lisa offers to take Debbie shopping.

  • 28/03/05

    Episode 72 - 28/03/05

    Release Date: 2005-03-28

    As Emily and Paul head off to a gig, a lonely Viv is forced to ask Paddy for help when her hairdryer blows a fuse and all her electricity goes off. As Paddy offers his assistance, they forget their angry exchange from the previous night and unable to resist temptation any longer they share a passionate kiss. Elsewhere, a determined Matthew discovers what Jimmy is up to when he manages to get his hands on a business quote. Matthew later assures an uneasy Carl that their brother will get his comeuppance. Over at the Dingles', Cain's lies catch up with him when Zak discovers a stash of cash in his caravan. Furious that Cain refuses to contribute to the family pot, Zak forces him to tell Debbie that it's the money he got from Sadie to betray Charity. Feeling appalled, Debbie makes it clear that she never wants to see her father again.

  • 29th March 2005

    Episode 73 - 29th March 2005

    Release Date: 2005-03-29

    Debbie is devastated when Andy tells her that it's completely over between them now that he's with Libby. To make matters worse, Cain gets suspicious and accuses Debbie of seeing Andy again. When he sees how upset she is, Cain tries to make amends, but will he keep his promise to make things right? Elsewhere, Matthew exposes Jimmy's plan to Tom and together they outbid him for the business contract. As they celebrate in the Woolpack, Matthew's joy at beating his brother is short-lived when Jimmy walks in and punches him hard in the face. Meanwhile, Viv and Paddy are tormented by guilt over their passionate embrace and agree that it must never be repeated. Will this really be the end of their dangerous liaison?

  • 30th March 2005

    Episode 74 - 30th March 2005

    Release Date: 2005-03-30

    Cain's efforts to make a new start with Debbie backfire when he overreacts to Andy's concern for her at a chance meeting in town. At the end of her tether with Cain, Debbie makes it clear that she wants nothing more to do with her father and in an uncontrollable rage Cain viciously attacks his daughter. Appalled by Cain's behaviour, Zak sets fire to his caravan and tells him to leave or he'll do the same to his car. Despite his pleading, Debbie refuses to intervene and Cain is forced to leave. Elsewhere, Jimmy goes to his mother's grave and has a heart-to-heart with Tom who is also visiting. The father and son are brought closer together, paving the way for Jimmy to be welcomed back into the King family.

  • 31st March 2005

    Episode 75 - 31st March 2005

    Release Date: 2005-03-31

    Jimmy seals his return to the King fold by goading Matthew into accepting a challenge to bed Louise before his next birthday. Does Matthew have a chance or will Terry stand in his way? Over at the Sugdens', Victoria is devastated when her birthday present turns out to be a karaoke machine and not a horse as she had hoped. Determined to show her the joys of karaoke, Jack sings Delilah by Tom Jones, but his performance fails to impress! Elsewhere, Chas's attempt to cheer up Debbie backfires when she tells Debbie she knows why she's so unhappy. Does Chas know the truth about her pregnancy?

  • 1st April 2005

    Episode 76 - 1st April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-01

    Matthew takes advantage of Terry's babysitting duties to enjoy a private party with Louise. However, Matthew is left feeling awkward when Terry returns earlier than expected to a warm welcome from his girlfriend. Will Matthew be able to rise to the challenge and get Louise where he wants her? Elsewhere, Victoria's birthday wish comes true when Belle Dingle agrees to swap Hamish the pony for Victoria's doll. How will Jack and Diane feel about Victoria's new toy? Over at the café, Viv is horrified when Donna applies for a job at the Kings, rejecting her mother's plan for her as Emmerdale's shop and café heiress. Is this the beginning of a new glamorous chapter for Donna?

  • 3rd April 2005

    Episode 77 - 3rd April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-03

    Matthew displays his culinary skills to Terry and Louise by cooking them Sunday lunch. He also invites his friend Sian and attempts to make Louise jealous by being openly flirtatious. However, when Sian realises what his motives are, she is unimpressed and refuses to play second fiddle to Louise. Meanwhile, Zak gets a shock when he discovers Hamish the pony has gone missing and is surprised when Belle reveals that she exchanged the pony for Victoria's doll. How will Jack respond when he hears about his daughter's impressive trade? Elsewhere in the Woolpack, Emily is oblivious to the air of embarrassment between Paddy and Viv and invites a drunken Viv to join them. Will she regret it when a chance encounter in the corridor leaves both Viv and Paddy red-faced?

  • 4th April 2005

    Episode 78 - 4th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-04

    Paddy is unable to distract himself from his feelings for Viv and resolves to visit her at the shop, where his request for mint balls sends Viv into overdrive. Unable to control themselves any longer, Viv kicks Shadrach out of the shop and locks all the doors before the pair finally give into their passion. With Donna on her way home early, will she discover the steamy affair? Elsewhere, Matthew comes to Louise's rescue when her taxi doesn't turn up and he offers her a ride, which she readily accepts. Louise is a little too happy to hear that Matthew and Siân are just good friends. Can she resist temptation? Later, a homeless Cain gets some unexpected affection from his old friend, Hamish, but despite returning the pony to the Dingles, he receives a frosty reception

  • 5th April 2005

    Episode 79 - 5th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-05

    Paddy's strange behaviour provokes questions from Marlon and leads Emily to seek marital advice from a painfully guilty Viv. Later at the Woolpack, realising he left his glasses behind after their moment of passion, Paddy arranges to meet Viv outside the toilets to retrieve them. Katie's nerves prove unfounded when she impresses Tom during an interview at the King's. However, with Donna also up for the job, can the pair contain their rivalry? Meanwhile, violence erupts in the village ahead of the fete when Edna and Pearl end up fighting over a packet of raisins!

  • 6th April 2005

    Episode 80 - 6th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-06

    Donna's carelessness with Buffy the rabbit gives a rampant Viv the opportunity to visit Paddy at the vets, where an innocent thank-you kiss soon turns to a passionate clinch. The temperature plummets when an astonished Marlon catches them together but will this be enough to put an end to their dangerous liaison? Meanwhile Laurel rebuffs Ashley's invitation to be the judge of the baking competition, suggesting the Bishop takes her place seeing as he seems to be doing most of the judging in Emmerdale. Elsewhere, Jimmy's constant taunting drives Matthew to extreme measures to get close to Louise. Will the landlady succumb to his charms?

  • 7th April 2005

    Episode 81 - 7th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-07

    Ashley is led into temptation when one too many glasses of wine unleashes his concealed passion for Laurel. Will his determination to prove their sincerity to the Bishop be enough to keep his feelings under control? Over at the vet's, Marlon corners Paddy about the incident in the shop and forces him to come clean about his attraction to Viv. Later on in the pub, a determined Paddy makes a promise to Marlon that he won't let Emily down. Will Paddy stay true to his word? Meanwhile, a determined Matthew snatches a kiss with Louise but he is shocked when she knocks him back. Feeling dejected, he tells Jimmy all bets are off but will he really accept defeat this easily?

  • 8th April 2005

    Episode 82 - 8th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-08

    Matthew makes Terry pay for Louise's rejection when he refuses to see him about B&B business without an appointment. An angry Louise heads over to the office to clear the air, but she gets more than she's bargained for when Matthew makes it clear that this is a more than a crush. Will Louise remain loyal to Terry? Elsewhere, Laurel heeds Nicola's advice and invites the bishop to Sunday lunch with her and Ashley to make amends. Can she convince him she's a suitable vicar's wife? Meanwhile, Jimmy has a breakthrough with Tom when he gets an invite to join the family for dinner, but will his stubborn streak prevent him from taking up the offer? And, Bob Hope wins the cake competition, much to Edna, Pearl, & Victoria's disappointment.

  • April 10th 2005

    Episode 83 - April 10th 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-10

    Sadie is furious when Jimmy mocks her about her financial difficulties in the Woolpack. In her refusal to lose face in public, Sadie lies that she has already recruited a hot-shot solicitor to take him to the cleaners. Determined to get hold of Jimmy's assets, Sadie then enlists Zoe's help to find legal advice, but will she succeed in wiping the smile off her estranged husband's face? Elsewhere, Jimmy is surprised when Tom offers him an olive branch, welcoming him back into the King fold. Jimmy is delighted to rejoin the family business, but how will Matthew feel when he discovers that Tom has backed down? Meanwhile, Laurel is determined to prove that she can be a perfect vicar's wife by playing host to the Bishop. Will her nerves get the better of her?

  • 11th April 2005

    Episode 84 - 11th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-11

    Sadie's money-grabbing plans are left in ruins when Jimmy's solicitor reveals the real extent of his tattered finances. Sadie is unwilling to believe that Jimmy's financial situation is so poor and determined to get her fair share of the Kings' cash she tries a different tack and arranges to meet her husband in the Woolpack. Sadie is left reeling when Jimmy triumphantly reveals that he's been welcomed back into the King fold and that she won't get a penny out of them. Sadie is shattered as the realisation hits home that she is no longer part of the family and she leaves feeling completely alone. Meanwhile, Nicola faces an uphill struggle to keep her relationship with a reluctant Simon on track. She invites him for a meal with her and a friend the following evening but he is clearly not keen. Elsewhere, Dawn worries about her finances when her earning potential is hindered by her inability to drive. Will she be able to find a suitable instructor?

  • 12th April 2005

    Episode 85 - 12th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-12

    Sadie's attempt to gain sympathy from Tom backfires when he gladly accepts her token gesture of returning her engagement ring, since it originally belonged to his wife. Sadie is dumbfounded as she leaves Holdgate Farm empty handed and is later found by a concerned Robert who tells her that he is there if she needs anything. Having hit rock bottom, will she take her former toy-boy up on his offer? Elsewhere, Nicola is left bitterly disappointed by Simon when he refuses to go to dinner with her. Feeling rejected, a paranoid Nicola gives Betty a tongue-lashing when she overhears her gossiping, assuming it's about her. Meanwhile, Dawn unwittingly upsets Bob when she ropes Scott into giving her driving lessons. Will this bring her and Scott together or drive them apart?

  • 13th April 2005

    Episode 86 - 13th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-13

    Sadie's fortunes continue to plummet when she fails to convince Zoe to go along with a business deal. She later feels isolated further when Max and Carl give her the brush-off in the Woolpack. Feeling desperate, Sadie seeks comfort from Robert and when she visits him at Annie's cottage it doesn't take long for them to head upstairs. Post coital, Sadie feels worse rather than better. Realising that she's completely alone, she decides to escape and heads back to Home Farm to pack her bags. As Sadie flees the village, she promises Zoe that Jimmy will get his comeuppance when she returns. Elsewhere, Nicola is upset when Lesley mentions that Simon is due to be best man at his friend's wedding and she confronts him about why he has kept it quiet. Simon assures her that it just slipped his mind, but Nicola is left worrying about the strength of their relationship. Over at the garage, Scott looks over an elderly lady's car and lies that it is a death trap and not worth repairing. He later pres

  • 14th April 2005

    Episode 87 - 14th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-14

    A harmless competition of ‘Mr and Mrs' in the Woolpack ends in a bitter row when Simon confesses that his dream home would be in Scarborough. Having wrongly assumed that he would want to live with her in Emmerdale, Nicola is furious. Will the fishmonger return to his home town or finally make the commitment that Nicola is so desperate for? Meanwhile, Jimmy is delighted to hear that Sadie has disappeared and heads to Pear Tree cottage to tell Tom and Carl the good news. Tom is clearly not in the mood for celebrating, disappointed at the way things have worked out. Elsewhere, Scott and Dawn are unable to stay civil with one another as he attempts to teach her to drive. Giving it up as a bad job, Dawn asks Bob if he would consider helping her and a thrilled Bob readily accepts the challenge.

  • 15th April 2005

    Episode 88 - 15th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-15

    Lesley's interfering is welcomed for the first time when she tells Nicola about Simon's past and the breakdown of his previous relationship. Realising that Simon is scared of commitment, she confronts him and he finally opens up to her. After a long chat they announce that Simon is moving to Emmerdale and the couple look smitten as they look forward to their future together. Meanwhile, Viv and Bob are separately miserable as their divorce finally comes through. Viv is delighted when Paddy offers to take her to the Woolpack for a drink, but despite keeping up appearances, it is clear that she is as sad as Bob that their marriage is officially over. Over at the antiques barn, Rodney surprises Paul by asking him to become part owner of the family business. Paul accepts, knowing that is a big step forward for him and his recently found father.

  • 17th April 2005

    Episode 89 - 17th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-17

    When Emily is late home from a shopping trip with Paul, Paddy heads over to the shop and is unable to resist when Viv invites him upstairs for a bite to eat. The tension mounts between the lonely individuals and before long they are wrapped around one another, forgetting all about the chicken sizzling under the grill. Otherwise engaged, Paddy and Viv fail to notice the grill pan has caught fire, but as the smoke alarm goes crazy and Donna flies in, they are forced to lie that Paddy heard the noise and came to save the day. As Donna brands the vet a hero, he and a Viv are clearly embarrassed by their behaviour. Elsewhere, Nicola and Simon grow closer as they plan their future together. However, Rodney is mortified when he is left with Lesley for company!

  • 18th April 2005

    Episode 90 - 18th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-18

    Zoe is disappointed when Callum fails to attend the birthday party that she's laid on for him, and when she confronts him he accuses her of using him as an excuse to invite people round. Despite their row, Callum eventually shows his face and has an unexpectedly good time. Louise joins the celebrations and can't help but flirt outrageously with Matthew. Fearing that she's on the brink of doing something that she may regret, she makes a sudden exit and heads for Diane's. Louise confesses that she has feelings for Matthew but insists that she wants her relationship with Terry to work. Will the barmaid stay faithful to her man? Elsewhere, Paddy is disappointed when Emily snubs him for Paul yet again. Viv convinces him that one final fling with her will make him feel better, and she books them a hotel on the internet. Donna becomes suspicious of her mother's behaviour and snoops around for evidence. What will she find?

  • 19th April 2005

    Episode 91 - 19th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-19

    A suspicious Donna persuades a reluctant Marlon to follow her mother. Horrified that she is close to discovering Paddy and Viv's affair, he desperately distracts his girlfriend and she fails to discover the identity of Viv's mystery man. Inside the hotel room, a guilty Paddy decides that he can't go through with the liaison and leaves a disappointed Viv feeling dejected and alone. Meanwhile, Emily goes looking for her husband and when she is unable to find him she confesses to Paul that she is no longer happy with her relationship. Could this be the end of the road for Paddy and Emily?

  • 20th April 2005

    Episode 92 - 20th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-20

    As Emily makes a special effort with Paddy he is full of remorse and contemplates confessing all. Marlon strongly advises him to keep quiet, but will his guilt get the better of him? Over in the shop, Viv also wrestles with her conscience and she gives a surprised Emily the day off. Confused about the odd behaviour of those around her, Emily seeks advice from Paul in an attempt to save her marriage. Elsewhere, Val and Bob provide support for one another in their individual quests. Bob admits that he is looking for a woman, and Val admits that she's after a job

  • 21st April 2005

    Episode 93 - 21st April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-21

    Paddy Confesses Emily walks out of the shop after a rude comment from Viv, and when she returns home in a rage Paddy gets the wrong end of the stick and confesses all. How will the mouse-like creature react to the news of her husband's fling? Over at the B&B, Val is amused when she catches Bob recording a video message in an attempt to get a date. After considerable teasing she offers to help, and after a couple of bottles of wine she offers herself! Elsewhere, Dawn is outraged to discover that Scott conned an elderly lady out of her car and returns the automobile to its rightful owner. The young mum is left in disgust at her boyfriend's behaviour.

  • Sunday 24th April 2005

    Episode 95 - Sunday 24th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-24

    Emily struggles to come to terms with her husband's betrayal, but after a few words of advice from Paul, she plucks up the courage to confront both Paddy and Viv. The disgraced postmistress and vet begin to argue over whose fault it was and Emily eventually cracks under the pressure. She tells them that she wants things to carry on as usual and that no one in the village is to know about the affair. Is this something that can be kept under wraps? Elsewhere, Jack is concerned about Diane when she snaps at Victoria and, guessing that she is apprehensive about her forthcoming scan, he does his best to reassure her. Meanwhile, Bob decides that he is determined to achieve one of his greatest ambitions – to get into the Guinness Book of Records! He enlists the help of Val, but will he succeed in reaching his goal, and poor Debbie Dingle feels her baby kick while minding TJ.

  • Monday 25th April 2005

    Episode 96 - Monday 25th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-25

    It's business as usual for Emily who is determined to behave as though her husband's affair never happed. A guilt-ridden Viv demands that Emily punch her in the face for revenge, but Emily calmly responds that she has no right to tell her what to do. Despite her composed demeanour, Emily confides in Paul and breaks down as she tells him that she can't stop thinking about the betrayal. She returns home, only to find Paddy and Viv discussing what has happened and, despite her instinct to flip, she disappears up to bed, leaving the shamed couple feeling worse than ever. Meanwhile, Donna incorrectly assumes that Viv and Bob are back together and goes to see her step-father to find out what's going on. Val and Bob are busy practicing their world record attempt and not wanting Donna to interrupt, he shouts out that he is with a woman. Donna takes this as confirmation that he is with Viv and later ignores Marlon's protestations that she is wrong.

  • Tuesday 26th April 2005

    Episode 97 - Tuesday 26th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-26

    Emily is irritated when she finds herself clearing up after Paddy at home. When she gets to work she can feel her blood boiling as Laurel innocently tells her that she has heard that Viv has been seeing someone on the sly. Emily's pent up aggression finally becomes too much to contain and the usually timid character explodes, attacking the shop in a frenzy. She sweeps the products off the shelves and smashes everything to the ground. Before long a crowd gathers and a horrified Viv realises that she has only got herself to blame. Later that day, Donna sees the wreckage in the shop and demands an explanation from her mother. Will Viv find the words to tell her daughter about her abysmal behaviour?

  • Wednesday 27th April 2005

    Episode 98 - Wednesday 27th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-27

    A furious Emily packs Paddy's bags before storming over to the Woolpack. The punters look on in shock as Emily dumps the suitcases at her husband's feet and announces that he has been sleeping with the postmistress! When Viv is unable to deny the affair, Bob seethes at the thought of Paddy with his former wife and instinctively smacks him in the face. Does Bob's jealous reaction confirm that he still has feelings for Viv? Meanwhile, a horrified Donna confronts Marlon over whether he knew about the affair and is furious to discover that he did. Marlon tries desperately to make amends but is hurt when Donna accuses him of caring more for Paddy than for her.

  • Thursday 28th April 2005

    Episode 99 - Thursday 28th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-28

    Matthew's sights are set firmly on Louise and despite the obvious chemistry between them she continues to reject his advances. With Terry away, Matthew tries a new approach and he openly tells the barmaid that he is crazy about her. Louise insists that she is attached, but the handsome King tells her that it's dinner at his tomorrow night or nothing. Will Louise finally give in to temptation? Elsewhere, Zak does his best to cheer a miserable Emily and invites her to have tea at the Dingles'. She gratefully accepts his offer but later shocks him when she announces that it's over between her and Paddy because he will always come second to her late husband, Butch. Over at the veterinary surgery, Paddy struggles to carry on as usual and when he overhears Tamsin and Libby gossiping about him. He warns Libby that he will sack her if he hears a peep out of her again.

  • Friday 29th April 2005

    Episode 100 - Friday 29th April 2005

    Release Date: 2005-04-29

    Louise struggles to suppress her desire as Matthew openly plans their dinner together. In a desperate attempt to remain loyal to Terry, she tells Matthew he's a walking cliché and to leave her alone. Later, Louise is consumed by lust. After telling Bob that she's going for a walk, she finds herself at Matthew's door. A delighted Matthew reaches to help her out of her coat and before long they are wrapped up in a passionate clinch. Afterwards, an extremely pleased Matthew pours two glasses of champagne but Louise leaves telling him that it was a one off and will never happen again. Will she remain true to her word? Elsewhere, Andy, Robert and Victoria anxiously wait for their parents to return home and are thrilled when Jack and Diane arrive with news that Diane has been given the all clear. Jack proposes a celebration, but soon regrets it when his wife plans a long shopping trip funded by him!

  • Sunday 1st May 2005

    Episode 101 - Sunday 1st May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-01

    Sadie takes advantage of Cain's obvious desire for her by telling him that she'll reward him generously if he gets hold of evidence about Jimmy's real financial situation. He agrees to sneak into Pear Tree Cottage but will he come up with the goods? Meanwhile, Louise is distracted by thoughts of her night of passion and arouses Diane's suspicions with her odd behaviour. Unable to stay away, Louise meets Matthew in the car park for another tryst but has second thoughts, leaving Matthew aching for more. Later that day, Louise panics when Matthew starts up a friendly conversation with Terry and at an opportune moment she warns Matthew off and tells him their fling was a mistake. Is this really the end of their dangerous liaison? Over at the Dingles', Chas boasts that she has more will-power than Zak or Shadrach and declares she could give up drinking without a problem. Her father and uncle declare that they could give up booze tomorrow and Chas swiftly takes them up on the offer.

  • Monday 2nd May 2005

    Episode 102 - Monday 2nd May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-02

    Sadie distracts the Kings in the Woolpack while Cain sneaks into the office to look for evidence of Jimmy's true financial state. Unable to find sufficient paperwork, Cain decides to take Jimmy's laptop along with a few other valuables. Sadie is later relieved that Cain has narrowly avoided being caught and she gives him his bonus before leaving him hanging with a passionate kiss. How will Cain respond to her unexpectedly amorous advance? Meanwhile, Zak and Shadrach soon break their booze ban when Rodney asks them to help him shift some crates of beer. Chas finds the drunken Dingles and tells Rodney about their supposed plans to stay sober. Rodney challenges them to stop drinking for a month in return for £500. They accept the challenge but will they succeed? Elsewhere, a guilt-stricken Louise makes a special effort with Terry and turns down Matthew's invitation to spend the night in a hotel. Matthew remains determined that he can win her round, but will Louise's conscience allow her t

  • Tuesday 3rd May 2005

    Episode 103 - Tuesday 3rd May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-03

    Sadie is horrified when Denzel questions her about the robbery at Pear Tree Cottage and hints that Cain may have exceeded his brief. On the warpath, Sadie confronts Cain and he reluctantly admits that he stole Jimmy's laptop. Despite her initial fury, all is forgiven when Sadie realises that this is exactly what she needs to get her claws on the Kings' cash. Over in the Woolpack, Rodney is delighted as he catches Zak and Shadrach ordering two pints, but they astonish everyone by ordering two pints of water! Meanwhile, Louise is put on the spot during a drunken game of ‘sex or death' when Paul asks her about Matthew. Louise lies that she would rather die than sleep with him but despite her apparent objection, Matthew proves popular with the others and he is later smug when Val tells him that he is the most eligible bachelor in the village.

  • Wednesday 4th May 2005

    Episode 104 - Wednesday 4th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-04

    Zak resolves to keep his mind off booze by taking a reluctant Shadrach fishing. Noting the gloomy atmosphere, Zak tries to cheer Shadrach up with a cup of tea instead of an alcoholic drink but it clearly isn't enough to satisfy him. Sneaky Shadrach later steals money from the Dingle pot and treats himself to a few drinks at the Malt Shovel. Zak is appalled when he realises what his brother has done and throws him out of the house, branding him scum. Meanwhile, Louise is unable to deny her feelings any longer and when Terry goes out for the day with TJ, she finds herself back in the arms of the irresistible King. Post coital, Louise and Matthew share a tender moment as she admits that it feels so right even though she knows that it's wrong.

  • Thursday 5th May 2005

    Episode 105 - Thursday 5th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-05

    Rodney calls off the bet when he catches Shadrach drinking in the Woolpack, but an angry Zak manages to convince Rodney that he has stuck to the rules and persuades him to re-negotiate the deal. Shadrach leaves the Woolpack and disgraces himself by urinating in the street. A disgusted Edna catches him in the act and demanding police action, Denzel is called, leaving Chas torn between her father and her relationship. Elsewhere, Robert delights in telling Sadie that Katie let slip that Jimmy has put in an offer to buy some land. Sadie is intrigued and offers Robert a reward to find out more but can he deliver? Meanwhile, Cain keeps a close eye on Sadie and is furious to see her saying farewell to Robert.

  • Friday 6th May 2005

    Episode 106 - Friday 6th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-06

    Sadie is impressed when Robert tells her that he has discovered that Jimmy has offered a local £10,000 for her field. Sadie instantly organises a meeting and undercuts her husband's offer to ensure that she becomes the proud owner of the land that is invaluable to the Kings. Later that day, Cain tries to seduce a uninterested Sadie and, after cruelly putting him down, she heads off for a steamy session with Robert. As they lay in the hay at Home Farm they are oblivious to the fact that a furious Cain has caught them in the act. Will he keep the news of Sadie's other conquest to himself? Over at the antiques barn, Shadrach asks Rodney for another shot at the bet. Softened by his sincerity, Rodney agrees to give him another chance on the condition that if he fails he has to take a bath on the main street!

  • Sunday 8th May 2005

    Episode 107 - Sunday 8th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-08

    While out viewing a vacant plot of land on which to build their home, Katie and Robert cement their future when Robert proposes and an emotional Katie accepts. The couple are pleased when Andy offers his congratulations. Will the air of romantic happiness last? Cain ruffles Sadie's feathers when he lets slip that he knows about her and Robert. Later on, in the Woolpack, he witnesses the Sugden family celebrating Robert and Katie's engagement. Irritated by the scene of family happiness, Cain promptly informs Andy that Robert is still having his cake and eating it. How will Andy react to this latest revelation about Robert's infidelity? Meanwhile, Tom returns and Jimmy confidently tells his father about the offer he made for Mrs Kidderminster's land but fails to inform him of the burglary. Later, Tom is surprised to see Sadie back in the village and is suspicious of her sudden reappearance. Elsewhere, Jarvis and Len practice their cricketing skills but it soon becomes clear that Jarvis's

  • Monday 9th May 2005

    Episode 108 - Monday 9th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-09

    Jimmy is stunned to learn that Mrs Kidderminster has sold her land to Sadie despite his offer. He quickly realises that his estranged wife must be behind the stolen laptop and attempts in vain to persuade Sadie to sell him the land. He later breaks the news to Tom and Matthew who decide to quiz Katie about the break in. Will Katie become embroiled in Sadie's deceit? Meanwhile, Andy discovers Robert's dark secret as Cain's accusations ring in his ears. He quizzes Daz about Robert and Sadie and his suspicions are confirmed when he later witnesses the pair in close contact. An enraged Andy sets off to confront his wayward brother. Elsewhere, with Max away on a course for a few days, Zoe reluctantly agrees to help Paddy out at the surgery.

  • Tuesday 10th May 2005

    Episode 109 - Tuesday 10th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-10

    When Andy confronts Robert at the garage about his affair with Sadie a brutal fight breaks out between the brothers. Alerted by Daz, Katie rushes to the scene and is devastated to learn the reason behind the punch-up. Despite Robert's desperate denial of the affair, she struggles to believe him. When Jack comes across his boys fighting once again, he demands to know what is going on. Robert once again denies the allegation, persuading Jack that Andy is just trying to poison Katie's mind. Having conned Jack, will Robert be able pull the wool over his fiancées eyes? Meanwhile, a distraught Katie decides to confront Sadie. The Woolpack regulars, including a stunned King family watch as Katie pours a drink over Sadie who retaliates with a firm slap across the face. Angry at Katie's behaviour, Tom sacks her on the spot. Being sacked is the least of Katie's worries as she heads to Andy's house to seek comfort. Will the turmoil of recent events force the ex-lovers back into each other's arms?

  • Wednesday 11th May 2005

    Episode 110 - Wednesday 11th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-11

    After spending the night at Andy's, Katie is in turmoil. Throughout the day both Andy and Robert separately pay her a visit and beg her to give them another chance. Cornered and confused, Katie heads home only to run into Jack who berates her for tearing his family apart. Tired of the arguments, Katie decides to leave the village. Can Andy or Robert stop Katie before she walks out of both their lives? Elsewhere, Tom is worried that Sadie is wrecking his planned development and pays her a surprise visit. He offers her a cheque as payment for the land but Sadie knows she holds all the cards. Will she accept Tom's generous offer or will she hold out for an even better deal? Over at the vet's surgery, it's Zoë's first day back. She attempts to cheer Paddy up but her efforts are thwarted when he declines her offer of lunch at The Woolpack. She later catches Paddy looking at jobs abroad and hints that it's something she has considered herself. Meanwhile, Edna creates a fuss when she refuses

  • Thursday 12th May 2005

    Episode 111 - Thursday 12th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-12

    After discussing Sadie's demand, the Kings conclude that it would be a bad idea to allow her to regain her interest in the business. Tom and Max visit Home Farm to break the news to Sadie, who reacts by telling a stunned Tom that Zoe is now going to sell her the only other bit of land that they need for their development. Shaken by Sadie's plans, Tom is forced to concede and offers her a 10% share in King & Sons. Sadie is triumphant but how will Jimmy react to the news? Meanwhile, a concerned Jack questions Robert about his spat with Cain. Robert informs him that it was Cain who spread the rumours about him and Sadie. Robert again denies any wrong doing and explains he was negotiating with Sadie about buying a property on the new King development. Jack is concerned, does Zoe know about the Kings' plans? Elsewhere, Zoe worries that Dawn is not coping very well with the task of looking after both TJ and Jean.

  • Friday 13th May 2005

    Episode 112 - Friday 13th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-13

    Jack turns detective when he visits the council offices and discovers that the Kings have gained planning permission to build housing on Zoe's and Mrs Kidderminster's land. Jack wastes no time in revealing to Zoe and Andy the Kings true intentions. The trio make a pact to stop Sadie and the rest of the King family. Meanwhile, a triumphant Sadie arrives at the Kings and gleefully announces that Zoe has agreed to sell her the last field needed for their development. Sadie admits that Zoe is under the illusion the field is to be used for a livery business. However, Sadie is stunned when Andy, Jack and Zoe arrive and inform the gathered King family the game is up and that they are aware of their true intentions for the land. Angry at being duped, Zoe makes it clear she would only sell the land to Jack and that she wants Sadie to move out of Home Farm. Her plans thwarted and facing eviction, what will Sadie do next? Elsewhere in the village, Simon and Nicola grow tired of Lesley's interfere

  • Sunday, 15th May 2005

    Episode 113 - Sunday, 15th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-15

    Sadie enjoys her newly acquired power since buying the land that the Kings so desperately need. Tom makes it clear to Sadie that she is still on board, however, Jimmy takes delight in bursting her bubble by reminding her that she'll never worm her way back into the family. As well as keeping Sadie sweet, business-minded Tom is also hopeful that Jack and Andy will agree to sell him their fields. Despite wanting to stand his moral ground, can Jack afford to say no to Tom's generous offer? Over in the café, Donna takes advantage of Viv's absence and throws a party. Meddling Marlon invites Paddy, knowing that Emily will be attending. Will his efforts to re-unite the couple prove successful?

  • Monday, 16th May 2005

    Episode 114 - Monday, 16th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-16

    Cain taunts a miserable Robert who is drowning his sorrows over Katie, and when Cain takes things too far Robert snaps and a brawl ensues. Sadie intervenes by telling Cain that his gripe should be with her and she demands that he leave Robert alone. Cain later bursts in on a startled Sadie as she composes herself in the toilets. Matthew witnesses Cain's underhand behaviour and goes to his sister-in-law's rescue. Will Sadie use the opportunity to seek sympathy from the Kings? Elsewhere, Chas joins Carl and his son for a game of football and the chemistry between them is more apparent than ever. Despite their reluctance to admit their feelings for one another, will love conquer all?

  • Tuesday, 17th May 2005

    Episode 115 - Tuesday, 17th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-17

    Chas is forced to lie to Denzel when Shadrach steals his police car and drives into a ditch. The copper is furious when he discovers that he can't trust his girlfriend to be honest with him and he warns her that if it happens again their relationship will be over. Elsewhere, Zoe come to a decision about her future and announces to Callum that she and Jean will be leaving the village. Meanwhile, Matthew manipulates Robert by telling him that if he convinces Jack to sell his land, there may be room for him in the business. Will Robert compromise his relationship with his father for a future with the Kings?

  • Wednesday, 18th May 2005

    Episode 116 - Wednesday, 18th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-18

    Scott is met with an abrupt refusal when he asks Zoe if he can take Jean on holiday to Spain with him. Zoe is later furious when Ashley questions her decision, making her more adamant than ever that a fresh start is the best thing for her and Jean. Elsewhere, Chas's relationship with Denzel is clearly tarnished as a consequence of her father's behaviour. She explains her fury to Diane but also confesses to being confused over Carl. Will her relationship problems lead her back to her former lover? Meanwhile, Betty tries to verbally poison Dr Forsythe against Steph, but he insists that he will make up his own mind about the controversial villager.

  • Thursday, 19th May 2005

    Episode 117 - Thursday, 19th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-19

    As Betty cleans at Home Farm she soon picks up on Zoe's plans to move abroad and heads to the Woolpack armed with gossip. Scott is horrified when he hears through the grapevine that Zoe is leaving and heads off to confront her. How will Zoe respond when the father of her child storms round demanding that Jean stay where she is? Over at the Dingles', Shadrach shocks his family when he dresses up and declares that he is a changed man. He insists that he intends on getting himself a job, but Lisa is left to pick up the pieces when he fails miserably. Meanwhile, Libby suggests to Sadie that she stable her horse at Andy's farm, but the young farmer remains adamant that he doesn't want her horse on his land.

  • Friday, 20th May 2005

    Episode 118 - Friday, 20th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-20

    Donna is exhausted having single-handedly run the shop and the café in Viv's absence, and when Marlon offers to lend a hand, between them they forget to lock up. Shadrach seizes the opportunity and shamelessly steals as much booze as he can carry from the shop. Donna is distraught when she discovers the missing drink and Marlon instantly suspects his uncle. He heads up to Dingle's homestead to speak to Lisa, Zak and Chas, and when they find Shadrach they insist he hide the alcohol elsewhere. When Denzel arrives on official business Chas is yet again compromised. Will she stand by her father or her boyfriend? Elsewhere, Dawn speaks to Zoe on Scott's behalf and as a mother she can't help but empathise with her. Dawn is angry that Scott failed to mention that Zoe had offered to pay for him to frequently visit Jean and tells him that Zoe deserves a chance. Meanwhile, Andy is unable to turn down Sadie's money and agrees to rent her a stable. Jack shows concern but Andy assures him that he k

  • Sunday, 22nd May 2005

    Episode 119 - Sunday, 22nd May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-22

    Chas is feeling at an all time low having compromised her relationship with Denzel by lying for her father. During a heart-to-heart with Diane, she admits that she fears she'll never be happy and confesses that she signed up for the army a while ago and is seriously thinking now could be the right time to join the troops. Meanwhile, Viv returns home to news of the burglary and she heads straight up to the Dingles' to give them a piece of her mind. Zak is unrepentant and reminds Viv that she stole Emily's husband, claiming she's now had her just deserts. Later that day, Scott tells Viv that he fears he'll lose Jean, but his overprotective mother promises that she will never let that happen. What does Viv have up her sleeve?

  • Monday, 23rd May 2005

    Episode 120 - Monday, 23rd May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-23

    Sadie is upset when she is snubbed by Zoe and Jimmy takes delight in telling her that no one would miss her if she disappeared. Feeling miserable, she heads back to the B&B and finds skimpy underwear on her bed with a note inviting her to Cain's room. She can't help but be tempted but is he the tonic she needs? Meanwhile, Viv sets about fighting for Jean, and after visiting the Citizen's Advice Bureau she tells Scott that they stand a good chance of getting custody of Jean by proving that Zoe is unbalanced. Scott is clearly uneasy at the thought of playing dirty, but how far will he go in order to keep his daughter? Over in the Woolpack, Emily finally ventures out of the house but struggles when faced with Viv. Paul cheers up Emily with his witty remarks about the postmistress but Viv is left feeling worse than ever.

  • Tuesday, 24th May 2005

    Episode 121 - Tuesday, 24th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-24

    Cain is furious when Sadie is dismissive about the previous night and feeling wronged the angry Dingle promises to make her pay. Later that day, Sadie is fraught when she finds a docile looking Damon, and she is later horrified when her beloved dog is pronounced dead. Is Cain responsible for the unexpected fatality? Meanwhile, Viv tries a different tack and asks Terry to make Zoe see sense about taking Jean away. Remembering how he felt when he thought he'd lose TJ he agrees to try, but Zoe quickly guesses that Viv sent him and insists that she has made up her mind. Elsewhere, Betty asks Jarvis how he will be celebrating his impending 65th birthday but he is determined that he doesn't want to do anything. Betty asks Len to talk to him and when he does Jarvis reluctantly agrees to a few drinks the following day.

  • Thursday, 26th May 2005

    Episode 122 - Thursday, 26th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-26

    Tom can't help but sympathise with Sadie and he offers to help bury her beloved pet. As they spend time together, Sadie comes clean about her past. How will Tom react when she confesses that she slept with Robert Sugden? Meanwhile, Jarvis's pleas for a low key birthday are unheard and the quiet drinks he planned in the Woolpack soon turn into a party. Despite his initial reluctance, Jarvis soon goes with the flow, so much so that he puts his back out on the dance floor! That evening, Libby invites Andy to be her date at the farmer's ball the following week. He is thrilled to be asked but worries that his lack of dancing ability will let him down. Terry offers to give him lessons but can he learn the moves in time?

  • Friday, 27th May 2005

    Episode 123 - Friday, 27th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-27

    Carl notes that Chas is feeling low and he takes her out for a drink in Hotten to cheer her up. During the evening Chas tells him about her plans to join the army and he is clearly upset at the thought of losing her. Their conversation is interrupted when Chas sees an old friend and Carl is left gutted that he hasn't had the opportunity to tell her how he really feels. Meanwhile, Tom is concerned when he hears that Sadie is planning to leave the village and he goes to say his goodbyes. Sadie hands over the land and assures him that she never wanted to use it as a lever to get back in with the Kings. Tom softens and invites her back into the firm, but how will Jimmy feel when he discovers his ex-wife is back on board? Over in the café, Viv takes great pleasure in outlining Home Farm's sordid past to ensure potential buyers of the property are put off for good. An angry Zoe confronts Scott about his mother's behaviour and he gains himself a few brownie points for being sympathetic to her

  • Sunday, 29th May 2005

    Episode 124 - Sunday, 29th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-29

    Chas tells her family that she plans to join the army and is disappointed when they make their disapproval crystal clear. Meanwhile, Carl worries that he can't bare the thought of losing Chas and Max and advises his brother to talk to her. As he confesses his true feelings, Jimmy interrupts with a mocking comment and Chas is left believing that she is at the centre of some sort of bet. Can Carl convince her that his feelings towards her are genuine? Elsewhere, as Sadie packs up her car, Tom approaches and asks her to manage a short-term contract near Huddersfield. Sadie is only too happy to accept and she leaves the village feeling delighted that she is still a part of the King fold. As Sadie drives away she almost ploughs into Cain and promises him that if she ever discovers that he was responsible for Damon's death, next time she won't stop. Meanwhile, Scott convinces Zoe to join him and Jean for a picnic and they enjoy a pleasant day out. But for how long will the happy family scena

  • Monday, 30th May 2005

    Episode 125 - Monday, 30th May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-30

    While Scott and Zoe continue to play happy families with Jean, Viv is busy speaking to a solicitor about Scott's rights as a father. It later comes to a head when Viv interrupts Scott and Zoe's lunch and announces the results of her investigations. Scott is openly angry at his mother for interfering and he follows her out. Viv and Scott discuss the situation and agree that it is brilliant that Zoe thinks they are at loggerheads. Scott then goes back to the pub and apologises to Zoe, telling her that he's told his mum that it's none of her business. What are Viv and Scott scheming? Meanwhile, pregnant teenager Debbie is feeling increasingly isolated, and having spoken to no-one about her delicate state, she is in desperate need of help. She goes to her hideout place and calls a teen advice line but after asking a few awkward questions she hangs up. Elsewhere, Chas is sick of the lack of support she receives from her family over joining the army and when Zak bets her that she'll be in ex

  • Tuesday, 31st May 2005

    Episode 126 - Tuesday, 31st May 2005

    Release Date: 2005-05-31

    Scott puts his plan into action and sends Viv round to Home Farm to apologise to Zoe. Viv spells out her concerns in her usual brash manner, clearing the way for Scott to arrive and offer Zoe a sympathetic shoulder. Will Zoe fall for Scott's charm offensive? Elsewhere, Nicola tells Rodney and Paul that Lesley is coming to stay as she has hurt her arm she could do with a hand. A desperate Rodney is dismayed to find that the B&B is closed for refurbishment and is forced to invite the overly friendly woman into his home. Meanwhile, Daz thinks there is something strange about the way Debbie is acting but will he discover the real reason behind her peculiar behaviour

  • Wednesday, 1st June 2005

    Episode 127 - Wednesday, 1st June 2005

    Release Date: 2005-06-01

    Daz is determined to get to the bottom of what is bothering Debbie and he follows her as she sneaks off to her hide. Believing that she is alone, Debbie takes off her jumper and as she reveals her bump Daz bursts in and is shocked by what he sees before him. Debbie insists that Daz mustn't tell a sole that she is pregnant, but is this secret too large to keep to himself? Elsewhere, Lesley has her feet firmly under the table at Mill Cottage, much to Nicola's annoyance. Simon and Nicola head off to view houses and Lesley invites herself along, infuriating Nicola further. How much more can Nicola take? Meanwhile, Chas finds herself explaining her decision to join the army and insists that it is something that she has always dreamed of doing. Feeling that she is being discouraged she becomes even more determined that she has made the right decision.

  • Thursday, 2nd June 2005

    Episode 128 - Thursday, 2nd June 2005

    Release Date: 2005-06-02

    Daz is clearly concerned about Debbie and he visits the hide armed with presents for the expectant mother. Debbie confesses that she plans to dump the baby at a hospital after the birth, but Daz argues that Zak and Lisa would help out if they knew. Daz pleads with Debbie to visit a doctor but will the stubborn Dingle do the right thing? Meanwhile, Carl confesses to Max that he can't stand the thought of Chas leaving the village. But after failing to convince her before, will he swallow his pride and tell Chas how he really feels? Elsewhere, an embarrassed Andy visits Viv for a dancing lesson in preparation for the farmers' ball and the postmistress takes delight in showing him a few moves!

  • Friday, 3rd June 2005

    Episode 129 - Friday, 3rd June 2005

    Release Date: 2005-06-03

    Debbie panics when she overhears Zak and Shadrach saying that they are heading off to the woods and fearing that they'll find her hide she asks Daz to go and clear it. The Dingles later stumble across Daz and he manages to excuse his whereabouts. However, he later tells Debbie that he won't lie on her behalf anymore. Debbie fears that Daz will tell Andy about the baby and to keep him quiet she says she's going to see a doctor. She heads off to the surgery but bottles it at the last minute, later lying to Daz that she saw the doctor and everything is fine. Elsewhere, Andy's dancing lessons appear to be paying off and Viv is thrilled at his progress. He proudly tells Libby that she is in for a surprise at the farmer's ball leaving her curious as to what he has planned!

  • Tuesday, 21st June 2005

    Episode 142 - Tuesday, 21st June 2005

    Release Date: 2005-06-21

    Donna is shocked by Scott’s generosity with money, unaware that it is his way of saying goodbye as he prepares to leave the country with Zoe and Jean. Before heading to Home Farm, Scott also posts a letter to girlfriend Dawn. Having acknowledged his feelings for Zoe, Scott gets down on one knee at Home Farm to propose. Zoe is unable to keep up the pretence that everything is going ahead as planned and tells him there is no way she will marry him, before retracting her invitation for Scott to join her and Jean in America. Scott reacts by throwing her down against the table in a rage. Zoe grabs the nearest thing to her, a syringe filled with Ketamine she had just prepared for an injured horse and plunges it into him. As Scott falls to the floor Zoe picks up a second syringe just as Paddy walks in and witnesses the attack. Has Zoe enough hatred for Scott to inject him with the second needle and get him out of her life for good

  • Wednesday, 22nd June 2005

    Episode 143 - Wednesday, 22nd June 2005

    Release Date: 2005-06-22

    The police arrive at Home Farm to question Zoe. When the engagement ring and the puncture wounds on Scott’s body are discovered DI Warren begins to wonder if Zoe knows more than she is letting on and she is arrested on suspicion of assault. Paddy is told that he must give a statement but is aware this evidence is crucial to Zoe’s fate. When the drugs are mentioned and the fact that as a vet, Zoe would be aware of their effect on humans, the pressure is on Paddy to ensure some damage limitation? Meanwhile, Viv is told of Scott’s condition and rushes to the hospital. Adamant that Zoe is responsible, Viv tells Bob that Zoe will pay for what she has done. Will Viv go through with her threat and seek revenge for her critically ill son?

  • Thursday, 23rd June 2005

    Episode 144 - Thursday, 23rd June 2005

    Release Date: 2005-06-23

    Zoe awaits news on whether she is to be charged or not until the police have obtained a statement from Scott, who is currently unconscious. Eventually, Zoe is released on bail but told to have no contact with witnesses. That afternoon, back at Home Farm, there’s a knock at the door and Viv barges her way in. Zoe tells Viv that Scott tried to rape her but Viv is having none of it and goes for Zoe. A struggle ensues but Depaul arrives and prises them apart, telling Zoe she’ll end up getting herself arrested again. Will Depaul ensure Viv leaves before Zoe says something she might later regret? Elsewhere, Dawn is furious when she receives Scott’s letter telling her he’s left the village and, feeling betrayed, she decides to flee to Spain. However, when Bob fills her in on events, will she change her mind and go to Scott’s bedside?

  • Friday, 24th June 2005

    Episode 145 - Friday, 24th June 2005

    Release Date: 2005-06-24

    Kelly Windsor makes a shock return to the village to be at Scott’s bedside, but step-mum Viv isn’t impressed. Kelly doesn’t waste any time in showing that she hasn’t changed when a young doctor on duty arrives and she sets about seducing him. Kelly quick slips back into caring mode when Viv arrives back from the canteen but are Bob and Marlon as convinced by Kelly’s display of concern as Viv seems to be? Meanwhile, Ashley pays Zoe a visit and asks her to explain what happened. He reminds her of a previous comment she made saying that she wanted Scott out of her life for good, but Zoe is indignant at his suggestions. Elsewhere, Max tells Jimmy that Andy may lose his entire flock of sheep due to illness resulting in a loss of £10,000. Can Jimmy hatch a plan to use this to his advantage?

  • 26th June 2005

    Episode 146 - 26th June 2005

    Release Date: 2005-06-26

    With an arguing family by his bedside, Scott awakes. He tries to speak and manages to mumble something about Zoe trying to kill him. Before those around him can make sense of what he is saying he begins to fit and as the nurse calls for assistance the family are hustled out. When Bob and Donna are alone, he admits to her that Scott had written Dawn a letter explaining that he and Zoe were running away together. Donna is stunned but finally understands Dawn’s reasons for going to Spain. The doctor explains to a distraught Viv that Scott may suffer permanent brain damage. As the family take in the news, the police knock on Zoe’s door and escort her away for questioning. While Emily baby-sits Sarah, Debbie is distraught to find that Andy won’t leave the farm to spend time with her. Is he avoiding her for a reason?

  • Kelly Goes to the Papers

    Episode 147 - Kelly Goes to the Papers

    Release Date: 2005-06-27

    Kelly turns up at Home Farm with a journalist and snap-happy photographer. Zoe is stunned, and when pushed for a comment she realises she’s beaten and heads inside. Meanwhile, Dawn arrives at the hospital and is stunned to see Scott’s delicate condition. Kelly makes snide comments about Dawn not being there sooner and as she tries to defend herself she goes to grab Scott’s letter. Will Bob be able to stop her? Elsewhere, Robert is angry when he finds a cheque that Jack has written for Andy. He thinks that Andy is becoming Jack’s favourite son and is determined to get back at him, so sets about chatting up Libby. Andy is upset when he sees Libby accept a lift from Robert. How far will Robert go to seek revenge on his brother?

  • Scott's Confession Letter.

    Episode 148 - Scott's Confession Letter.

    Release Date: 2005-06-28

    At the hospital Dawn is irritated by Kelly and Viv’s continuous bitchy remarks and finally snaps showing a stunned Viv the letter from Scott. Viv is distraught and in her frustration she begs Scott to wake up. She refuses to believe her would leave her and is desperate to question him. After pressure from Cain, Andy visits Debbie. She tells him that she wishes they could spend more time together and suggests that she moves back to Butler’s farm to be with him. Will Andy agree? Elsewhere, Lesley suspects that there is something strange about Rose and determined to get to the bottom of it, she invites her to the pub. Lesley opens up to Rose and confesses that she lied about her arm to get close to her son. What will Rose reveal to Lesley?

  • Andy tells Debbie he doesn't love her.

    Episode 149 - Andy tells Debbie he doesn't love her.

    Release Date: 2005-06-29

    Andy confesses to Jack that while he wants to do the right thing by Sarah, he no longer has any feelings for Debbie. Andy pays Debbie a visit and when she tells him that she loves him, he admits that he doesn’t feel the same. He apologises but Debbie is inconsolable. He insists he’ll always be there for Sarah, but an angry Debbie says he can’t have the baby without her. Debbie is distraught as she watches the man she loves walk away. Ashley is taken aback when he gets a call out of the blue from his brother asking if Jasmine, Ashley’s 15 year old niece, can come to stay. Will he agree to take her in for the summer? Kelly, meanwhile, spends the day flirting with Danny, but will he respond to her advances?

  • Debbie Calls Social Services

    Episode 150 - Debbie Calls Social Services

    Release Date: 2005-06-30

    A distraught Debbie tells Cain that she and Andy are finished. Cain is ready to go and hunt Andy down but he receives a second blow when Debbie announces that she’s called social services and is getting rid of her baby. The worried Dingles try to convince her it’s just her hormones. However, unbeknown to the family, Debbie is still convinced that her baby will be better off with a foster family and puts her in a taxi. In the nick of time, Cain arrives and desperately tries to convince her not to abandon her responsibilities. He assures her that he will be there for her but can he convince her to keep her baby? After finding out that Debbie has banned Andy from seeing Sarah, Jack tells Robert that Andy could do with his support. Seizing the opportunity to get back in with his family so that he can work against them for the Kings, he lends Andy a shoulder to cry on. Elsewhere, when Ashley’s niece Jasmine arrives, she appears to be a stroppy teenager and he struggles to get much out of he

  • Jack hits Jimmy

    Episode 151 - Jack hits Jimmy

    Release Date: 2005-07-01

    Jack and Andy are disheartened at the cattle market when there are no bids for their cows because someone has said that their cattle are infected with pneumonia. They suspect the Kings, and Jack confronts Jimmy in the Woolpack. Robert witnesses the confrontation and questions his father as to whether the land is worth all the aggro. He is clearly trying to persuade him to sell to the Kings, but will Jack remain oblivious to his son’s manipulation? Meanwhile, Jasmine is in the house alone and she sneaks into Steph’s room to find a box containing cuttings relevant to Shelly’s disappearance. Jasmine is clearly intrigued and when Steph returns home she subtly asks her about Shelly. Ashley intervenes but it is clear Jasmine is determined to get to the bottom of the mystery. Elsewhere, Kelly insensitively tells Donna that she can do much better than lanky Marlon and insists she’ll do well if she sticks with her. Donna feels increasingly humbled as the day goes on.

  • The Sugdens plan Revenge.

    Episode 152 - The Sugdens plan Revenge.

    Release Date: 2005-07-03

    After much deliberation, Jack comes to the conclusion that Andy would be better off if he sells his land, and Tom is elated to hear of the farmer’s change of heart. However, when he goes to sign the doted line, Andy stops him in his tracks and the father and son leave delighted that the Kings haven’t managed to get one over on them. Enjoying their triumph, they take things one step further as they mischievously drive their muck spreader past Pear Tree Cottage! Elsewhere, Matthew confesses to Louise that he can’t bare the thought of her being with Terry, but she sharply tells him that he better get used to it because she intends on being with Terry for a long time. Meanwhile, as Steph heads off to work on the memorial garden she tells Ashley to invite Jasmine to join her. Jasmine later fails to show and Steph finds her in the café talking to Daz. Steph warns Jasmine to stay away from him, explaining he’s caused her a lot of trouble. Will this make Jasmine more determined to befriend him

  • Matthew gives Louise a necklace

    Episode 153 - Matthew gives Louise a necklace

    Release Date: 2005-07-04

    The villagers are amazed by Jack and Andy’s behaviour the previous day but it is clear that they do not regret their actions. Tom later goes to see Jack and tells him the offer is still there if he wants it, but Jack makes it perfectly clear that he has no intention of selling. A frustrated Tom goes back to the office and tells Matthew that he wants this sorted by the time he gets back from his business trip, but will he be able to make Jack budge? Elsewhere, Matthew continues with his other task and steps up his attempt to woo Louise. After buying her a necklace he tries to kiss her, but it is clear that all she wants is to hear that he really cares for her. Will he mange to convince her that his feelings are genuine? Over in the Woolpack, having spent the whole evening with Kelly, Danny is confident that she is a dead cert. However, when Kelly finds out Max has more money, she waits for Danny to go to the gents and heads off with the delighted vet!

  • Louise Tells Terry About Her Affair

    Episode 154 - Louise Tells Terry About Her Affair

    Release Date: 2005-07-05

    Having been suitably convinced that Matthew really likes her, Louise decides that it’s time to end her relationship with Terry. A panic stricken Matthew tries to put her off, but with her mind made up she heads off to face Terry. Back at the Woolpack, Louise asks to see Terry, and as they go to the back room she discovers that he has decked out the room with roses. She begins to cry and tells him that she loves him but can’t be with him. Terry is completely stunned and devastated as Louise’s words sink in. Elsewhere, Jimmy suggests employing Cain to put pressure on the Sugdens. Matthew disagrees, but Jimmy gets Cain on side regardless. Cain pockets fifty quid before telling Jimmy that although he’d love to smash Andy’s face in, he promised Debbie he wouldn’t. He walks off with the money leaving Jimmy livid. Meanwhile, Viv is insulted when Dawn fails to ask after Scott, and tells her that despite everything Scott needs them all - including Dawn. Will she put her pride aside and visit he

  • Terry Dumps Louise

    Episode 155 - Terry Dumps Louise

    Release Date: 2005-07-06

    Louise is pleased to see Diane back, and in need of a shoulder to cry on she tells her that she and Terry are over. Diane guesses that Matthew is involved and warns her that she is making a terrible mistake. When Val appears, it becomes clear that she already knew about the affair, leaving Diane furious. Louise is annoyed at Diane’s interference and tells her to go to hell. Later, in the bar, Diane consoles Terry and feeling he deserves the truth, she tells him that Louise has been seeing Matthew. Terry is momentarily stunned but then heads for the door. He finds Louise and Matthew together, but he is too emotional to pick a fight and he sobs as he watches Matthew lead the lady he loves away. Elsewhere, Marlon opens his mail and finds that he has been invited to enter a prestigious pub chefs’ competition and could win a week working in Aldo Zilli's kitchen. Marlon isn’t interested and dismisses it as junk mail, but when Bob tells Donna about the competition she decides to enter it on M

  • Terry confronts Matthew

    Episode 156 - Terry confronts Matthew

    Release Date: 2005-07-07

    News of Louise and Matthew’s affair spreads around the village leaving the residents shocked at her betrayal. A wronged Terry confronts Matthew and punches him in the face, before shouting abuse at Louise in the pub. Louise seeks assurance from Matthew that she has done the right thing, but when he fails to give her the reassurance she needs, will she realise that she has made a terrible mistake? Meanwhile, Val’s interior design dream is left in tatters when the bank refuses to give Pollard a loan. Refusing to give up, she asks Diane for financial help, but will her sister come to her aid? Elsewhere, Bob is unsure that their plans to enter Marlon into a food competition are wise, but Donna remains undeterred and forges Marlon’s signature. How will the chef react when he discovers his girlfriend’s deceit?

  • Zoe confesses

    Episode 157 - Zoe confesses

    Release Date: 2005-07-08

    After much deliberation, Ashley visits Zoe ready to discuss the incident with Scott. Ashley is stunned when Zoe confesses that she tried to kill Scott and although she is adamant that it was self defence he is shocked further when she tells him that she enjoyed humiliating him. Ashley storms off in disgust leaving Zoe fearing that she has said too much. Will the vicar go to the police? Elsewhere, Matthew realises that he must be there for Louise and Terry is upset as he watches them acting affectionately in public. Louise is hurt by the reaction from some of the villagers and Matthew comforts her half-heartedly, unsure of what he has got into and how he can handle it. Meanwhile, Diane lets slip to Marlon that he has been entered into a competition and he is furious that Donna has gone behind his back. She eventually manages to calm him down and after much deliberation Marlon agrees to go through with it.

  • Louise ruins Matthew's suits
  • Marlon gets himself arrested
  • 30th December 2005

    Episode 304 - 30th December 2005

    Release Date: 2005-12-30

  • Emmerdale's Great Exits

    Episode 305 - Emmerdale's Great Exits

    Release Date: 2005-04-24

    Emmerdale takes a look back at the long list of its exit storylines from Angie Reynolds to Butch Dingle, and it also features behind the scenes footage and interviews with the cast and crew.

  • Emmerdale's Great Double Acts

    Episode 306 - Emmerdale's Great Double Acts

    Release Date: 2005-05-01

    Emmerdale takes a look back on memorable double acts including Marlon and Tricia, Betty and Seth, Viv and Bob, & the classic duo, Amos Bearly and Henry Wilks.

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